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No.2 Plated Burners $
Click Here for Product Details! [ CLC12621 ]No.2 Plated Kerosene Burners. Comes with wick and removable screw-on collar. These well made, functional burners fits many lamps and has a 1 3/16" dia.threaded base (with the screw on collar removed). Fits most #2 collars and accepts a 3" chimney. Screw on collar will fit 1 3/4" glass threads on lamps such as Lamplight and Glo-Brite lamp products. Available in Brass Plated or Antique Plated.
No.2 Fruit Jar Adapter Plated Burners $
Click Here for Product Details! [ CLC68203 ] Mason jar to Oil Lamp Adapter No.2 Burners with cotton wick. They accept a 3" chimney and will screw onto any 2 3/4" mason jar - new or old. Available in Brass Plated Finish or Antique Plated Finish.
No.2 Queen Anne Burners $ 30.50
Click Here for Product Details! [ ] No.2 size Queen Anne Burners and wicks. These fine replicas of antique oil burners have all of the original style and quality of the popular, old Queen Anne’s. They have a 1 3/16" threaded base to fit all No.2 collars and accept a 3" base chimney. Solid Brass with an Embossed Antique Finish.
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