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Dietz U.S. BRASS Lantern
Dietz U.S. BRASS Lantern This little Hot Blast lantern stands 10 3/4" in height, has the original No.0 burner embossed with "R.E. Dietz" and takes a 5/8" wick. The body is very solid and without dents. It is brass under worn nickel-plate. The fill cap is too tight to remove, so we will leave that up to the new owner. The bottom is steel and in excellent condition. No dents with minimal surface rust. There are quite a few patent dates on the bottom. The clearest being "Reissued Feb.28, 79, MAR 4, ? and PAT APR. 2, 67. The rest (approx. 3) are covered with light surface rust that might be removed with 0000 steel wool. The bottom has no dents, and other than the light suface rust, is in good or better condition.
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February 24, 2021
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