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No.2 Plated Burners $
Click Here for Product Details! [ CLC12621 ]No.2 Plated Kerosene Burners. Comes with wick and removable screw-on collar. These well made, functional burners fits many lamps and has a 1 3/16" dia.threaded base (with the screw on collar removed). Fits most #2 collars and accepts a 3" chimney. Screw on collar will fit 1 3/4" glass threads on lamps such as Lamplight and Glo-Brite lamp products. Available in Brass Plated or Antique Plated.
No.1 Brass Plated Burner $
Click Here for Product Details! [ CLC12620 ]No.1 Brass Plated oil burner and wick. This well made, functional burner must be used with the removable screw on collar. It will fit lamp products having screw on collars such as Lamplight, Glo-Brite, etc. having 1 7/16" O.D. glass threads and accepts 2 1/2" base chimneys. NOTE: This burner will not work on any lamps with an attached collar!
No.2 Fruit Jar Adapter Plated Burners $
Click Here for Product Details! [ CLC68203 ] Mason jar to Oil Lamp Adapter No.2 Burners with cotton wick. They accept a 3" chimney and will screw onto any 2 3/4" mason jar - new or old. Available in Brass Plated Finish or Antique Plated Finish.
No.2 Queen Anne Burners $ 30.50
Click Here for Product Details! [ ] No.2 size Queen Anne Burners and wicks. These fine replicas of antique oil burners have all of the original style and quality of the popular, old Queen Anne’s. They have a 1 3/16" threaded base to fit all No.2 collars and accept a 3" base chimney. Solid Brass with an Embossed Antique Finish.
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